A downloadable game for Windows

Beyond The Nightmares  (Playable Teaser)

A stealth and survival horror first-person game for PC, focused on lovers of suspense, psychological terror and conspiracies, in which a content creator and influencer during the celebrations of the Day of the Dead, on 2 of November, in the Huasteca Potosina, México, known as Xantolo, is persecuted by a cult of death that fuses pre-Hispanic culture with Spanish.

Are you ready to face your Nightmares?

- We recomend use headphones and without sun light.

Comments and Suggestions: beyond@trespixeles.mx or leave your comment below.

Install instructions

  1. Download the instal .exe file.
  2. Save it on your PC
  3. Double click to run, and wait until the instalation finished.
  4. Run the game.
  5. Enjoy!!!


Instalation File


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Gameplay of the game made by Compita Gamer